universAAL Community

universAAL Community


universAAL newsletter

universAAL will periodically publish a newsletter gathering all news about the Ambient Assisted Living world: announcements of events related to AAL, news from the European Commission, news from AAL communities and, naturally, news from universAAL itself. Subscribe to the universAAL newsletter.

Access to newsletter page in our Press Room


universAAL joins AALOA

universAAL is one of the founder of AALOA, an independent open association for the development and the advancement of Ambient Assisted Living. AALOA will be organised as a federation of projects and an advisory board from industry, academy and society representatives, with the aim of creating a community gathering all the AAL stakeholders.


universAAL software

universAAL aims at producing a middleware platform for Ambient Assisted Living. All the base modules will be released as Free / Libre / Open Source Software. Progress with developing and releasing the platform will be announced in the newsletter. Users and programmers will be invited to try and improve the software.