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The universAAL project is a major effort in ambient assisted living today and one of its main objectives is to connect the diverse stakeholders in the AAL community.

  • End-users and service providers will be connected by the uStore – an easy-to-use shop and community system making it easier to acquire AAL services and information
  • System and service developers will be provided with a powerful, open-source AAL platform and extensive documentation in our Developer Depot
  • Scientific and commercial framework developers may contribute to future iterations of the universAAL platform
  • universAAL also is a major contributor to the creation of an open association for AAL (see )

By joining us you can stay up-to-date on the project subscribing to the periodical universAAL newsletter, which will include project updates, upcoming events and articles by consortium members. Furthermore we try to acquire contacts with more specific interest in the project. If your answer to one or more of the following questions is yes, we would appreciate reading about your individual interest in the provided form.

  • Do you participate in other AAL platform projects and want to achieve interoperability?
  • Do you want universAAL to participate in an AAL related event you are organizing?
  • Would you like to be informed about events organized by universAAL?
  • Do you have feedback for our experts or want further information about a specific project-related topic?

Our team will read your comments and, if requested, assign a qualified project participant to get back to you as soon as possible.

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* The information gathered through this form will be exclusively used by the universAAL consortium to act according to your input. Any other possible future use will be subject to your explicit authorization. Specifically, no information will be disclosed outside the universAAL consortium without such permission.